About Us



We appreciate your selecting us for your medical and surgical care! We strive to provide you with the very best service.

We have chosen our personnel, office procedures, and medical equipment with much thought and care to provide quality medical services in a pleasant, efficient, and friendly atmosphere. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our clinic, please contact our Office Administrator so that we may better serve you. We would appreciate your completing our office service survey.

The Center for Orthopedic Surgery has been providing Lubbock with the best service and cutting-edge technologies for over 25 years. We are the documented driving force for excellence in surgical and non-surgical orthopedic procedures. Through these efforts we have become a premier orthopedic practice in the region and we provide Lubbock and the surrounding areas with the best care and rehabilitation. our staff is always striving to provide the best service and best solution for our patients. Our physicians and staff are second to none.


Making Appointments

In order to keep to a meaningful time schedule, we require that appointments be made for each clinic visit. To make an appointment, please call either our toll-free number (800) 870-7079 or local number (806) 797-4985 and ask for the appointment desk of the physician you wish to see. You can request an appointment on-line by clicking here and completing the form.

To provide the most direct service to our patients we ask that, after your appointment has been scheduled, you complete the following forms and bring these to the clinic. You can print off either an MS-Word format document or Adobe PDF format document for each form but you only need to print one off and fill out. Completing this information prior to your appointment will help to speed service to you.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, or are going to be late please call our office as soon as possible. This courtesy allows us to reschedule you and serve other patients who have urgent problems.


Telephone Calls

We will work to maintain communication with you regarding your care. Telephone calls are for your convenience and frequently require as much time as an office visit. Most of our patients appreciate this effort and do not abuse it. A large number of telephone messages are handled each and every day. We return our calls as time permits, or as the situation demands. Should you call, we ask that you give all necessary information to the receptionist or nurse. In this manner, your problem can be related promptly to the doctor for action. Office personnel will relay results of tests and answer questions as per the doctor's instructions. 

Our telephones are answered 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. If you call after our scheduled office hours, the telephone will be answered by an answering service which will relay all emergency messages to your doctor or the doctor on call. All non-emergency calls, such as prescription refills, should always be made during our regular business hours when your records are readily accessible.



Our clinic participates in many different insurance plans and we are happy to assist you in determining if we are a member of your insurance network.

This office accepts assignment for Medicare and assists patients in filing any secondary insurance.  We are on many PPO, POS, and HMO plans.  Patients need to verify, before an appointment is made, that our office is on a particular plan.  It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure they have the necessary authorization or referrals, if needed, before they are treated in our office.  All co-pays and/or deductibles are to be paid at the time of service.


Fees and Payment Policy

The fees charged by our clinic are based solely upon the services rendered and are in accordance with the area and the guidelines of state and federal legislation. It is customary that you be prepared to pay your medical charges at the time of your office visit. As a convenience to our patients, Master, Visa and Discover are accepted giving our patients greater flexibility in how payments are made.


X-Ray Services

An x-ray facility is provided on the premises of our clinic. All radiological procedures are performed under the direct supervision of an orthopedic surgeon and comply with the safety and quality guidelines of the Texas Radiation Control Agency.


Meet Biraj Varghese


Biraj Varghese, the Administrator of the Center of Orthopedic Surgery, would like to welcome you to our website and our practice.  Biraj has over 10 years of experience in the medical field.  His strong work ethics and determination have guided him to work in various fields within the medical field.  He has the ability to quickly adapt to change and his quick thinking in problem solving makes him an excellent asset to our team. His professional memberships include SHRM, AAOE, and MGMA.