Shoulder Center

At the Center for Orthopedic Surgery, we believe in treating the whole person, not just the shoulder.

Our focus is on helping each person overcome a condition that has altered his or her quality of life. Our approach to managing patient care includes:

  • Thoroughly evaluating each patient and his or her symptoms
  • Determining the patient's normal shoulder function
  • Diagnosing the patient's condition
  • Discussing the expected outcome
  • Developing a comprehensive care plan tailored to the patient's needs
  • Carefully considering the impact of the shoulder problem and its treatment on the patient’s overall health and expectations for recovery


The Center for Orthopedic Surgery is dedicated exclusively to providing the most advanced care for shoulder problems. Our physicians are very careful in deciding to do surgery and all non-operative measures are utilized prior to recommending surgery. If surgery is needed, our shoulder replacement surgeons utilize state-of-the-art techniques.

We make it our main priority to help ease your pain and restore function by combining our expertise with compassion.

Dr. Jason Ramsey


Dr. Mark Scioli


Dr. Nate Wilson


Dr. T. Bryan Smitherman


Dr. Jeff Headrick