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Knee Replacement

If your knees are causing chronic pain, it’s possible that you need a joint replacement. Our team of doctors serve the Lubbock area by providing comprehensive treatment plans for patients who need a knee replacement. Consult with your primary care physician for a referral, or request a consultation to learn your next steps.

When is knee replacement necessary?

Your knee is the largest joint in your body. When something goes wrong, it can have a negative effect on your life. Learn if knee replacement surgery is the solution for you! Contact us to request a consultation, or talk with your primary care physician for a referral.

How does knee replacement work?

While you may have visions of getting a bionic joint, knee replacement is actually a resurfacing procedure. First, your surgeon removes the damaged cartilage surfaces from the ends of your femur and tibia before cementing metal components over the ends. After resurfacing the underside of your patella with a plastic button, your surgeon places a spacer in between the metal parts for easy movement.

What is recovery like following knee replacement?

If surgical intervention is necessary, it’s often in the form of a joint replacement or joint repair, depending on your situation. Our experienced doctors develop a comprehensive treatment plan that remedies your joint pain. The knee replacement surgery itself is a fairly simple procedure that lasts an hour or two. Still, you should count on spending one or two nights at the hospital to recover. Your doctor will likely have you try out your new knee the day after surgery, or even on the same day as the surgery in some cases. It’s important to use your knee shortly after surgery to promote blood flow and healing.

After your hospital stay, you’ll work with a physical therapist until you feel comfortable on your knee. You should expect to feel some discomfort after the surgery, but this fades as you heal, leaving you with a knee that’s no longer a source of frustration and pain. If you’re experiencing joint pain, contact us to schedule a consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to have the knowledge you need to make informed decisions for your health. Learn more about our orthopedic healthcare services by reading through our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Surgery depends on the severity of injury. Consult with one of our specialists to determine if it’s a route you should take. Your doctor will evaluate your entire injury through comprehensive testing before deciding if surgery is right for you.

Talk with your doctor to schedule a date that works best for you. Schedule flexibility depends on your availability, the severity of your injury and surgeon schedules. 

We recommend taking it easy during your recovery time. Your doctor will provide you with a thorough post-operative care plan to ensure a speedy recovery.

Your recovery depends on where your injury is located. Consult with your doctor before starting. Our practitioners will let you know which times are best for your recovery.

Our goal is for you to return to your normal activities without pain or discomfort! Consult with your doctor about your recovery timeline and how soon you can return to work or sports.

Most insurance providers require a referral from your doctor before covering your care. We recommend scheduling an appointment your doctor before scheduling an appointment with us.

We accept several insurance programs from:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • FirstCare (Part of Baylor Scott & White Health)
  • GEHA
  • HealthNet
  • HealthSmart
  • Humana
  • Medicare
  • MetLife
  • PHCS
  • TeamChoice
  • Most Worker’s Compensation plans

Consult with our office to ensure your coverage.